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Other source material

Other business records are also stored in the Deutschen Kunstarchiv; however, they were not the focus of the Galerie Heinemann online project, because they were not relevant for the creation of the database.

The material includes the Heinemann family's personal documents, especially in regard to their emigration and the related payment of taxes and compulsory charges, account books for private and business accounts and the gallery's balance sheets for the years 1926 to 1937 (signature: DKA, NL Heinemann, Galerie, I,B-26 to 38). The balance sheet was prepared annually as at 31st December and includes all the artworks in the possession of the gallery, stated at their book value, and a separate list of all the artworks on consignment. As of December 31, 1930 the gallery's holdings amounted to approximately 990 artworks at a book value of RM 894,235.15 and about 550 artworks on consignment. As of December 31, 1937 approximately 942 artworks at a book value of RM 485,817.53 and about 720 artworks on consignment were listed.

The following pdf file lists the holdings of the gallery.

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