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Database Explanations

Despite great care, it cannot be excluded that errors have occurred during data entry (incorrect attributions, reading and typing mistakes). Moreover, particularly in the fields of "Sales history", "Comments" and "Remarks", information may have been entered in inconsistent fashion. Yet because the data records are always linked with the scans of the respective sources, these mistakes can be easily recognized. If you have spotted errors, please let us know at and we will try to correct them as quickly as possible.

The fields of the database

The artwort datasets are consisting of the following fields. Allthough not all fields contain information for every artwork.

  • Artist:
    Name of artist, biographical data, possibly brief comment on field of activity and nationality (the PND-ID is also noted, if available).
  • Artwork-ID:
    Unique number for each artwork data record.
  • Century:
    Attribution of date of origin of an artwork based on the biographical data of the artist.
  • Client(s):
    Name, profession and status of the persons or institutions involved in the art trade. Often several persons or institutions are linked with an artwork.
  • Comments:
    Information taken from sources which cannot be assigned to any other field: for example, comments on appraisals of artworks, price information on several artworks, exhibitions, catalogs, prices with and without frames, auctions, share of profits, exchange for other artworks, information on goods on consignment, etc.
  • Consignment number:
    The number assigned to an artwork taken on consignment by the Galerie Heinemann (C-Nr.).
  • Document-ID:
    Unique number of each source document. Exhibition venue, year and scope apply only to catalogs.
  • Dated:
    Date of creation of artwork.
  • Date in:
    Date artwork purchased or acquired.
  • Date out:
    Date artwork sold or removed.
  • Date offered:
    Date on which the artwork was offered for sale to the Galerie Heinemann.
  • Dimensions:
    Dimensions of the artwork given in height before width.
  • Height:
    Height of the artwork, usually in cm.
  • Heinemann number:
    The number assigned to an artwork by the Galerie Heinemann (H-Nr.). In some cases, particularly if bought and sold several times, an artwork may also have received several Heinemann numbers (they are all listed, separated by semicolons).
  • Location of client:
    Location and, if applicable, address of client.
  • Materials:
    Material of artwork.
  • Notes:
    Information from the remarks, comments and sales history fields.
  • Origin:
    Origin of artist, for example, countries and sections of a country.
  • Purchase price:
    Purchase price (if the field does not contain a specific currency, then the German Mark is assumed; all other currency codes are listed in front of the total).
  • Remarks:
    Additional editorial information on artwork, which is not explicitly included in the sources, such as evidence of available images, consignment dates, comments on incorrect, differing or contradictory information recorded by the Galerie Heinemann, reference to possible short descriptions or extensive descriptions in the sources.
  • Sales history:
    Sales history of artwork, if more than just one purchase or sale, that is, starting with the date or a purchase or sale listed in the sources up to the last date entered of a purchase or sale. The last transaction is noted in each of the separate fields for purchase and sales dates and prices.
  • Sales price:
    Sales price (if the field does not contain a specific currency, then the Mark is assumed; all other currency codes are listed in front of the total).
  • Signature:
    Note whether work signed by the artist.
  • Technique:
    Medium and technique of artwork, for example, water color, pencil drawing, bronze relief, etc.
  • Title:
    Title of artwork. If alternative titles are listed in other sources, they are included in parentheses behind the title.
  • Type:
    There are three types of artworks. The "Type Heinemann Artwork" corresponds to the traded artworks, the "Type Commission Return" the goods on consignment that were not sold and were given back later and the "Type Offer" the artworks offered, but not accepted and not traded.
  • Type of client:
    Type of client, for example, consignor, owner, receiver, dealer, seller, purchaser, auction houses.
  • Width:
    Width of the artwork, usually in cm.
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