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Source Material Explanations

The information collated in the database Galerie Heinemann online comes from various sources.

Alongside stock ledgers, purchase books and cashbooks the major holdings of the gallery also include the card catalog, consisting of eight separate card indexes.

The important identification characteristic for all artworks is the number assigned by the gallery, by which the various groups of sources can be uniquely correlated. Traded artworks have a so-called Heinemann number (short key: H-Nr.); works taken on consignment have a so-called consignment number (short key: C-Nr.). The works purchased by the gallery were labeled on the back with their respective Heinemann number.

Basically three types of artworks can be distinguished:

  1. Type Heinemann Artwork:
    Traded artworks (17,582 artwork data records).
  2. Type Commission Return:
    Goods on consignment that were not sold and were given back later (19,471 artwork data records).
  3. Type Offer:
    Artworks offered, but not accepted and not traded (6,073 artwork data records).

Additional information sources are the catalogs of the Galerie Heinemann. They reflect its sales and exhibition concept and contain occasional images of the artworks. Further pictorial material is found in the few remaining photographs.

For a detailed explanation of the individual sources, see "Documents":

1. Index Cards

  • Card index of artworks sold | view »
  • Card index of buyers | view »
  • Card index with locations of buyers | view »
  • Card index of artworks in stock | view »
  • Card index of artworks offered in journals | view »
  • Card index of exhibitions | view »
  • Card index of artworks offered for sale | view »
  • Card index of consignors | view »

2. Business records

  • Stock ledgers of the traded artworks | view »
  • Cashbooks | view »
  • Stock ledgers of artworks taken on consignment | view »

3. Catalogs
4. Photographs
5. Other source material

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